I am a self-driven data analyst who is passionate about exploring data in order to uncover hidden truths. I studied Business Administration at the University of Notre Dame, where I was introduced to the R language and Statistical Learning which sparked my passion for Data Science. Since graduating in May 2015, I have been teaching myself R and Machine Learning. I would like to extend my knowledge and ability into the realm of Deep Learning and Predictive Analytics.

Diving 4 Data

I created this website to share the projects that I am working on in the hope that it may help somebody else and provide me with feedback from the community. The online learning community has helped me so much on my way to learning data science in R. I particularly enjoy blogs dedicated to working through the process of data analysis. I am a firm believer in learning by doing, so I designed Diving 4 Data for doing just that. I will provide background information for the project and go step-by-step through my code and thought process. I am by no means an expert, but rather someone who is eager to learn like you. I hope we can learn together!

This website is built with blogdown and Hugo, and deployed using Netlify.